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This project started in 2009 when my husband and I decided to climb all the public stairs in Seattle. We got a list from the city and found the stairs, then learned how to make a map on Google maps. Later we designed walks that would feature the stairs, and have written detailed descriptions that you can either print or save you your mobile.

This has all been done without any support, and I am totally an amateur. But we've been trying to keep this up to date, so if you notice something missing, please let me know!

The "official" list was sent to me by the Seattle Department of Transportation, but they cautioned that it was still in draft form. You can download my current Excel file with our corrections. The list does not include all the public stairs in parks or schools. We added many stairs to the list if they were open to the public and (in our opinion) they were "cool".

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If you would like to browse the photos, they are on Picasa.

Here are some other related sites:

A story in the Seattle newspaper about climbing the stairs!

A video from KOMO news about our stair map, which was on TV on March 8, 2011.

CommunityWalk. This is a map of the stairs with more than 100 steps, found by Doug Beyerlein. He also has a web page with stairs from other cities.

Seattle Times sketch of Doug

Seattle Stairway Walks. This is a page by Jake and Cathy Jaramillo. They have written a book about stairways in Seattle which was published in 2012.

An informative site by Thomas Horton, an architect with an interest in history of stairs: Queen Anne stairs.

Here is a link to a TV report about two people who climbed all the stairs in 2010.