Dr. Seana Davidson Research

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The Davidson lab group is located on Lake Union in the Benjamin Hall Interdisciplinary Research Building and conducts research within the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at the University of Washington. Currently our lab has several ongoing invertebrate microbiology and immunology projects involving the earthworm Eisenia fetida. This common composting worm serves as a model organism for host-microbe interactions as, like most organisms, it harbors beneficial bacteria specific to the host. Our lab uses multiple approaches, including genetics, genomics and microscopy, to study mechanisms involved during host colonization of specific tissue by symbionts, how they persist, their diversity and functions within the earthworm. In addition we are exploring the utility of vermicomposting as a waste management and soil remediation technology. The primary goal of our current project is to evaluate the potential remedial benefits of using earthworms to degrade crude oil and to develop field-scale vermi-remediation technology for treatment of crude oil contaminated soils.


Lab Address:

University of Washington
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Engineering Research & Technology Laboratories
616 NE Northlake Place, Room 476B
Seattle, WA 98195-5014