Seattle Children’s Research Institute Pilot Grant, Kim (PI)1/13-12/13

Pilot Study: Transcriptomic profiles in saliva and hair follicle sample from children with autism spectrum disorder

Goals: To gather pilot data for future grant submissions related to (a) application of saliva and hair follicle sample in studying transcriptomic profiles; and (b) identification of transcriptomic biomarkers for treatment response in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Role: Co-Investigator

NIH R01-MH10028 Network, Pelphrey (PI)/ Webb (PI, Subcontract)9/12-8/17

Multimodal Developmental Neurogenetics of Females with ASD

Goals: To identify sex differences in brain structure, function, connectivity, and temporal

dynamics in ASD.

Role: PI @ Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Network Director of Electrophysiology

NIH K99HD071966, Faja (PI)7/12-6/14

Electrophysiological Response to Executive Control Training in Autism

Goals: To examine executive control in children with ASD using electrophysiological measures as well as develop a brief computerized intervention.

Role: Mentor

Seattle Children’s Research Institute Pilot Grant, Webb (PI)11/11-11/13

Pilot Study: EEG as a predictor of treatment response

Goals: To assess pre-treatment EEG signals as a means of predicting medication effectiveness and to assess post-treatment EEG signal change as a means of measuring medication success.

Role: PI

NIH R01 HD064820, Webb (PI)8/10-6/15

Physiology of attention and regulation in children with ASD

Goals: This study examines the relations between attention and social communication skills between 9 and 48 months of age.

Role: PI

Autism Speaks 6061, Webb (PI)6/10-5/13

Social Processing, Language, and Executive Functioning in Twin Pairs: Electrophysiological and Behavioral Endophenotypes.

Goals: This study will examine the heritability of behaviors in three domains affected in autism in MZ twins with ASD or typical development.

Role: PI

NIH P50 HD055782: UW Autism Center of Excellence, King (PI) 7/07-6/12

Project II, Early detection and intervention in infants at risk for autism, Webb (PI)

Goals: To identify neurophysiological risk indices for ASD in high-risk infants and to assess whether it is possible to alter these risk processes via early intervention.

Role: PI

NIH P50 HD055782: UW Autism Center of Excellence, King (PI)7/07-6/12

Project I, Genetic contributions to endophenotypes of autism, Wijsman/Schellenberg (PIs)

Goals: To identify biological risk indices (including electrophysiological endophenotypes) for autism and autism related symptoms and the identification of autism susceptibility genes.

Role: Co-Investigator

Autism Speaks Mentors’ Program, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Webb/Murias (PI)        3/08-2/10

Title: The use of ERPs to investigate outcome in children with autism

Goals: Provide training to postdoctoral fellow (Emily Jones) to develop skills in analysis of ERP data and longitudinal data sets and to develop ability to conduct ERP and clinical research program.

Role: PI/Mentor

NIH R03HD057321-02 Shared Neurobiology of Autism and Fragile X, Webb (PI)3/08-2/11

Title: What the eyes can tell you. Eye gaze processing in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Goals: To investigate the shared phenotype of eye gaze avoidance in Autism and Fragile X through the use of ERPs and behavioral tasks.

Role: PI

Autism Science Foundation, Predoctoral Fellowship, Webb(PI)6/10-5/11

Title: Observational and electrophysiological assessments of temperament in infants at-risk for ASD.

Goals: Provide training to predoctoral fellow (Karen Burner) to develop skills in the analysis of EEG and observational data of infant temperament and its relation to symptom onset in young children at risk for ASD.

Role: PI/Mentor