WARPXM v1.10.0
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WARP (Washington Approximate Riemann Plasma) codes, include WARPX and WARPXM, use a framework written in C++ to build parallel computational physics software. The WARP framework is primarily developed to solve hyperbolic conservation laws, specially plasma fluid equations. It is being developed at the Computational Plasma Dynamics Laboratory within the Aerospace and Energetics Research Program at the University of Washington.


See this page for build/install instructions.


See this page for running instructions.

The User Guide describes how to use the physics applications contained in WARPXM.



WARPXM is versioned using a scheme derived from Python's:


In general, you should expect:

  • A major version increases when:
    • Major functional change that may require users to update existing input scripts to achieve a similar goal. Examples include changing how initial conditions or boundary conditions are specified.
    • Non-optional dependencies added or removed.
  • A minor version increases when:
    • New features are added to WARPXM.
    • Arguments to apps or variable adjusters are added or removed (may cause ValueErrors and some input scripts to break).
  • A patch version increases when:
    • A bug is fixed in WARPXM's expected behavior.
    • Other functional changes that allow existing input scripts should continue to work as-is without modifications.

Note that version changes will likely include a collection of changes since the previous version. Higher version levels may still include less obstructive changes; a major version increase may also include new features or bug fixes, and likewise minor version increases may contain bug fixes. A summary of all the significant changes since the previous version should be included in the git tag annotation.