Fields of Scholarship

K-12 Design Education

Community Youth Development

Equitable Development in Marginalized Communities

Career Development among Diverse Architects

Civic Leadership in Architecture

Selected Publications
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Sutton, Sharon E. (2007).  A social justice perspective on youth and community development: theorizing the processes and outcomes of participation.  Children, Youth, and Environments, 17, 2, 616-645. 

Sutton, Sharon E., Kemp, Susan P., Guiterr├ęz, Lorraine, and Saegert, Susan (2006). Urban Youth Programs in America: A Study of Youth, Community, and Social Justice Conducted for the Ford Foundation. Seattle, WA: University of Washington.

 Sutton, Sharon E. and Kemp, Susan P. (2006, September).  Integrated social science and design inquiry through interdisciplinary design charrettes: an approach to participatory community problem-solving.  American Journal of Community Psychology, 38, 1-2, 125-139. 

Sutton, Sharon E. and Kemp, Susan P. (2002, March).  Children as partners in neighborhood placemaking: lessons from intergenerational design charrettes.  Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1-2, 171-189. 

Sutton, Sharon E. (1990).  Stewardship education through ritual.  Journal of the Liturgical Conference, 9, 2, Winter.