Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications: (Click here for full CV)

2018. Lawson, V. & Elwood, S. Eds. Relational Poverty Politics. University of Georgia Press.

2018. Elwood, S. & Leszczynski, A. Feminist Digital Geographies. Gender, Place and Culture.

  1. Elwood, S. and Wilson, M. Critical GIS Pedagogies Beyond “Week 10: Ethics”. International Journal of Geographic Information Science 31(10): 2098-2116.

2017. Elwood, S. & Hawkins, H. Intra-disciplinarity and visual politics. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 107(1): 4-13.

2017. Elwood, S., Lawson, V., and Sheppard, E. Geographical Relational Poverty Studies. Progress in Human Geography 41(6): 745 – 765.

2015. Lawson, V., Elwood, S., Canevaro, S., Viotti, N. “The poor are us”: Middle class poverty politics in Buenos Aires and Seattle. Environment and Planning A 47(9): 1873-1891.

2015. Elwood, S. Still deconstructing the map: Microfinance mapping and the visual politics of intimate abstraction. Cartographica 50(1): 45-49.

2015. Elwood, S., Lawson, V., Nowak, S. Negotiating poverty and privilege: Middle class place-making and poverty politics. The Annals of the Association of American Geographers 105(1): 123-143.

2014. Elwood, S. & Mitchell, K. Another politics is possible: Neogeography, visual spatial tactics and political formation. Cartographica 48(4): 275-292.

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