The LERIX Spectrometer

The Lower Energy Resolution Inelastic X-ray scattering spectrometer (LERIX) was designed and constructed in Seidler's group at the University of Washington.  It was commissioned in 2006, and is now permanently stationed at Sector 20 XOR/PNC of the Advanced Photon Source X-ray Synchrotron.  This is the first spectrometer designed to perform rapid studies of q-dependent IXS with ~1eV energy resolution.  It has been used to study a wide range of problems, including especially problems associated with the local electronic structure in materials important for basic and applied energy sciences. LERIX

LERIX Publications

“Intermediate-Range Order in Water Ices: Non-resonant inelastic x-ray scattering measurements and real-space full multiple scattering calculations,” T. T. Fister, K. P. Nagle, F. D. Vila, G. T. Seidler, J. J. Rehr, J. O. Cross, and C. Hamner, submitted, Physical Review B (2009).
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“The LERIX User Facility,” G.T. Seidler, T.T. Fister, J.O. Cross, and K.P. Nagle, in X-ray Absorption Fine Structure: XAFS13 (AIP Conf. Proc. 882, Eds. B. Hedman, P. Pianetta), p. 911 (2006).
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