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Stephen Dame


Stephen received a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from California State University in 1982/1988 and received a Masters in Computer Science from University of Washington Bothell in 2012. He has worked in hardware and software development for over 35 years in industries such as Aerospace, Medical Ultrasound (where he was a Tech Fellow in Doppler ultrasound), Professional Audio where he patented digital signal processing technology, manufactured and sold midi guitars(Midiaxe), directed research and development in music search, developed business jet avionics systems and software systems for commercial transport airplanes. Stephen currently is the lead software engineer for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Autonomous Systems where he works on high performance parallel AI/ML systems and cloud computing technologies. He previous founded the Boeing Cabin Systems Internet of Things (IoT) systems lab in Everett known today as the Visionary Cabin. His research interests include embedded and ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, Linux container technology (Docker), machine learning and data organization and visualization.