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Reading on The Silencing of Women

Note:  these posts were taken from a website at:  I apologize for the content, which is quite massively disturbingóbut I think that there is a point to be made.  This thread began in March of 2001.

1.  Posted by "Jeff"

We periodically hear on the news about a man getting released from jail after spending years, even decades, there because of a false rape
allegation. According to attorney Barry Scheck of the "Innocense Project", there are tens of thousands of innocent men in jail in the United
States, wrongly convicted of rapes they never committted. Can you imagine what those men felt like when they heard that Lorena Bobbitt didn't
have to spend a day in jail for her crime? The new motto of the feminist crusade is: "No excuse for a man, any excuse for a woman".

2.  Response: "Penalty for False Rape Accusations: Cut Out Her Tongue"

In order to discourage so many deliberate false rape accusations we should toughen the penalty. I suggest that we should cut out the tongues of
women that make false rape accusations. This will act as a deterrant and it is justice because we will be removing that part of the body that the
criminal used to commit her crime with, her tongue. If you think that this penalty sounds barbaric and brutal, please realize that that is what
women advocate when they suggest castration for rapists and those are the same arguments. Remember, Lorena Bobbitt did not go to jail but
we periodically hear about men being released from jail after finally being able to prove their innocense after wrongly being convicted of rape.

3.  Response, posted by 'H. C. Cruzer':

That's a great idea! We keep hearing women demanding that rapists be castrated so what would they say if women that make false rape
accusations were to have their lying tongues cut out. This feminist terrorism has got to stop. They have already created a generation of
pampered, vulgar, sluttish, easy to lay, abortion-murdering young women. The damage has just started unless we reverse the trend.
False rape accusation: cut out her tongue. Kick a man in the testicles just because she is mad at him: cut off her foot.

4.  Response, posted by 'GrowlGravitz':

If the woman makes a false rape accusation cut out her tongue. It's the same as castrsating rapists. Women want to cut something off of us, let's
cut something off of them.