Important Dates for the Winter Quarter, 2002

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January 7 First Day of Instruction.  This is what are referred to technically as, 'The Salad Years.' 
January 11 Last day to add, drop, or change a course in the Registration office without being assessed a $20.00 fee from those jerks at that fee-assessing office.
January 13 Last day to add, drop, or change a course through MyUW or STAR without being assessed one of those annoying fees (see above on annoying fee people).
January 14-20 Unrestricted Drop Period:  Drop all of your classes—drop 'em like mad.  Drop 'em like hotcakes, like hot potatoes, like something really really hot.  Drop 'em like there's no tomorrow, like dropping's going out of style, like your life depended upon it.  Really.  But it'll cost you $20.00 a drop, sucker, so I'd be careful if I were you.
January 21 Holiday: Martin Luther King Day
February 8 MID-TERM EXAM: Normal time, normal place
February 18 Holiday: President's Day
March 15 Last Day of Instruction.  This is also, by no small coincidence, the last day to withdraw entirely from the University as a whole and pursue that dream you have of playing guitar on the Ave., pulling espresso, and flirting with the self-adoring unwashed until that one day when you are discovered by some big international talent scout and—quicker than you can say, 'Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Pick me, Star Search!'—zip off to a crazy, sex-filled 18-month bus tour of Eastern European punk clubs.  After which you return home: broke, disillusioned, and with a slightly irridescent rash you picked up in a country that doesn't even exist anymore.  And then try to convince your parents to let you move back in and—yah know what?—you can't because they've rented out your room to someone else, someone with a real life, someone who didn't drop their Mythology class, and so you have live in the garage with the cat, who has begun to resent you as well.  Best just to stay in class, eh?  Trust me.  I've given this some thought.
March 18 FINAL EXAM: 2:30-4:30
March 19 —  Happy Spring Break. 

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