Rattlesnake Ledge

Image credit: Yana Sosnovskaya

Rattlesnake Ledge

Sam Burden bio photo By Sam Burden

Spurred by Bora’s infectious enthusiasm, my graduate students (Bora, Yana, and Andrew), postdoc (Ryan), and I hiked Rattlesnake Ledge.

Having cut out early on a sunny Friday afternoon to avoid traffic, we were chagrined to find an overturned semi truck backed up traffic on I-90 for miles, diverting us to side streets for the 30+ mile drive. Adding to the challenge, we managed to colocalize all smartphone owners into one car, leaving the unfortunate late adoptors to fend for themselves.

We persevered, and reached our destination only an hour (or so) behind schedule. The hike was beautiful, ending in the spectacular sweeping view pictured above. Before returning home, we rounded out the day with a team-building exercise at Snoqualmie Brewery.

Thanks again to Bora for organizing!

group photo
(from left:) Yana Sosnovskaya, Jake Baldassini, Andrew Pace, Ryan Robinson, Bora Banjanin