PNWTOX simulations

PNWTOX validation - geochemistry


Observations of dissolved oxygen are available from the ECOHAB-PNW and RISE projects including both moored sensors and bottle data. In addition, moored oxygen data is available from the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and data collected off of the Oregon Coast by B Peterson and others.

Figure 1. Oxygen comparison at EH4, near the bed (32m depth)

The black line shows dissolved oxygen observations at mooring EH4 near the bottom (32 m depth) from the ECOHAB-PNW project (Connolly et al. 2010). The grey line shows model results at the same location. The thin horizontal line at 1.5 mL L-1 indicates the transition to hypoxic conditions.

This is just one example of the validation done for the geochemistry. Other validations include additional moored time series of oxygen as well as CTD casts and bottle samples. Please see SA Siedlecki's website for more information!