PNWTOX simulations

PNWTOX validation - biology


Obesrvations of nitrate and chlorophyll are available from the ECOHAB-PNW and RISE projects including both moored sensors and bottle data. In addition, sattelite observed chlorophyl (R Kudela), and primary productivity incubations (Kudela et al. 2006) are used for validation of the biological model.

Figure 1. Primary productivity

Modeled (line) and observed (star, Kudela et al, 2006) primary productivity on Line 47N, August 2005.

Figure 2. Phytoplankton growth and grazing rates

Comparison of modeled and observed phytoplankton growth rate and grazing rate. The observations are from the deckboard dilution experiments in August 2005 from Evelyn Lessard and the modeled rates were pulled from the same time and location. The color of the markers corresponds to nitrate concentration. The model reproduces the general tendency for a higher growth rate with higher NO3 and the modeled growth rates fall well within the range of those seen in the deckboard experiments.

These are just a couple examples of the validation done for the biology. Other validations include CTD casts and bottle samples of nitrate and chlorophyll.