PNWTOX simulations

results - ocean acidification

incorporating acidification into the model

Using our model to investigate ocean acidification is a very new tool. SA Siedlecki is currently working on incorporating carbon biogeochemistry to calculate pH (acidity) within the model. In the meanwhile she is using empirical relationships developed by S Alin and R Feely (Feely et al. 2008) to compare estimates of pH in the model to observations. Funding for this work is currently coming from JISAO and NOAA. Please see SA Siedlecki's website for more information!

seasonal forecasts

The model is now also being run in a predictive mode. Seasonal forecasts (6-9 months) are being produced by the JISAO Seasonal Coastal Ocean Prediction of the Ecosystem (J-SCOPE) program in order to provide forecasts of ocean conditions relevant to management decisions and ecosystem health. Please see the J-SCOPE website and SA Siedlecki's website for more information.