Scavenger Hunt

Sandeep Krishnamurthy


For each item, indicate briefly how you obtained the result and then provide the information.  Post a password-protected Word document to your web page (set password to sandeep). 


1)                 Get a list of everyone in the “Search and the World Wide Web” class from last year. 

2)                 Find Bill Gates’ home address and get directions to get there from our campus.

3)                 List the firms ranked 90-100 in the Fortune 500 last year.  For each firm, provide revenue in millions of dollars.

4)                 Find the names of the CEOs of the Fortune 100. 

5)                 List the web sites of seven local newspapers based in the state of South Dakota.

6)                 Obtain the definition of the word “blog”.

7)                 Obtain the batting stats for Ichiro Suzuki for his entire MLB career.

8)                 Find a paper I wrote that is called- “Deciphering the Internet Advertising Puzzle”.

9)                 Find a picture of Prof. Alan Leong.

10)             Find the names of the 100 US senators with contact information.

11)             Find a Powerpoint presentation on “Google Scholar” from an academic site.

12)             Find the stock price path for General Electric for the last five years.

13)             Where did Prof. Ron Tilden work before coming to UW, Bothell?

14)             Find the student ratings for any UW, Bothell professor for any course taught in the last 2 years.

15)             Who is Doreen Harwood?

16)             I posted this paragraph online.  Tell me where it lives-


I am looking for the following information and I would appreciate any kind of help ranging from pointing me to the right people/sources to actually providng me with the data.


1>   Market size information for cigarettes in the US


        I would define Market Size as the sum of the dollar sales of all brands in the market.


2>   Brand Market Share information for cigarettes in the US


        It would be all right if I had information aggregated across types of one brand, e.g. Marlboro, Camel level info is fine.


3>   Brand level advertising and promotion information


I really appreciate any help provided on this.  You could E_Mail me directly at:




Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Marketing Department

University of Arizona


17)               Obtain the names of 10 biotech companies in Bothell, WA.

18)               When was Coca Cola founded?

19)               You get this in an e-mail- “Subject: FWD: Tommy Hilfiger hates us...

Did you see the recent Oprah Winfrey show on which Tommy Hilfiger was a guest? Oprah asked Hilfiger if his alleged statements about people of color were true - he's been accused of saying things such as "If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice," and "I wish those people would not buy my clothes - they were made for upper-class whites." What did he say when Oprah asked him if he said these things? He said "Yes." Oprah immediately asked Hilfiger to leave her show.

Now, let's give Hilfiger what he's asked for - let's not buy his clothes. Boycott! Please - pass this message along.

Is this TRUE? 



1)                 Consider the following business bestseller- 

Blur:The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy 
Authors: Meyer, Christopher and Davis, Stan 
Publishing Date: 04/1999 | Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated 
Binding: Mass Market | Trade Paper | ISBN: 0446675334

Obtain the top 10 cheapest offers on “total price” (i.e., list price+ shipping charge etc.) for this book from internet-based booksellers.