Review of Padosan


I still meet people who think this movie is hilarious.  To me, this movie has had only lasting contribution to desi culture- it gave birth to an incorrect and abhorrent stereotype.  The South Indian musician that is played by Mehmood is not simply a caricature, it is racist.  It is offensive and obnoxious.  This character has single-handedly made it okay for North Indians to be blissfully ignorant of their “Madrasi” bretheren while continuing to mock them on the basis of half-baked knowledge.   No, my North Indian friend,  not all South Indians are “Madrasis”.  Not all South Indians say “aiyyo” every three minutes.  Not all South Indians speak with a thick accent. 



It has taken an entire generation for us to put this offensive caricature behind us.  Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, for instance, is a sensitive and accurate portrayal of South Indian sensibilities that helps us get past the nonsense perpetuated by Padosan.  Thank you, Aparna Sen. 



December 9, 2006

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