Review of Khosla Kaa Ghosla (Khosla’s “crib”)


This is one of the funnier Bollywood movies to come down the pike in a while.  The movie is about overcoming the fear that comes with being a part of the middle class.  It is about what one can do when a bully takes all your marbles in the sandlot.  In this movie’s case, the Dad’s instinct is to fold since he sees no chance of winning against the establishment.  His son has other ideas, however. 


In a way, the movie is about the difference between the can-do younger generation in India and the can’t-do older one.  While the younger generation sees opportunity and possibility, the older generation sees limitations and barriers.  Resolving this gap is about both generations listening to each other and this movie shows us how this can work. 



December 12, 2006

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