Review of Fanaa


Before you watch the movie or read the review, go listen to the music.  You can’t tell me that “Chand Sifarish” and “Mere Haath Mein” are not exquisite.  So, please stop arguing that Indian film music is on the decline.  Now, to the movie.


The movie is about tough choices.  No, strike that.  Unbearably tough choices.  It is the story of a young lady who finds love and then loses it under circumstances that she does not fully understand.  It is about what transcends love.  As one dialogue in the movie put it, the movie is about picking between two right choices rather than picking between right and wrong. 


I am continually surprised at the quality of Wikipedia pages on Indian movies.  The Fanaa page is fairly well done and provides all the details of the plot. 




December 11, 2006

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