Review of Baghban


This is the kind of movie that makes my Mom cry and gets some of my professional friends to roll their eyes.   It is the story of a banking executive who spends his life investing in his kids and then struggles to connect with them upon his retirement.  Predictably, the kids are mean and the Dad is surprised at their meanness. 



While the storyline might be somewhat cliched for Bollywood fans, the movie makes a larger point about how the modern economic structure is affecting the traditional Indian family.   It is about the patriarch of the house sitting at the head of the table or not.  It is about teenagers having the freedom to stay out until midnight or not.  It is about what happens to Indian values when there is money and freedom.  The movie makes a case for values even in modern times, of course. 



This is a movie worth watching with your parents and grandparents.  If anything, it illustrates the inevitable generation gap between rugged individualism and benevolent collectivism.  Regardless of which side of the divide you fall on, this movie could be a great conversation starter.



December 11, 2006

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