Sandeep Krishnamurthy

            [Only one poem is featured here at this point.  There is more to come.]


            Touching Reality [Published at Poetry.com]


I see the silhouette behind the veil.

A suggestion. A hint. A promise.

No other information. No paper trail.

An ugly beast or a winsome miss?


A glimmer of light fights the shadow.

An inkling of hope. The birth of a dream.

Who or what will step up to say hello?

A source of agony or a friend supreme?


Do I run from the prospect of pain

or wait for an uncertain happiness?

Will I get to revel in my gain

or rue the moment that led to sadness?


I step forward to unmask reality.

Foolhardy, perhaps, or wise?

Loss of ten or gain of twenty?

Dank basement or sunny skies?


Reality's mask I did not expect.

At first afraid, I then did see,

The shine beneath the rust.

Not sandy desert, but expansive sea.