a.k.a. “GOOGLE, MY WAY”

Sandeep Krishnamurthy



Learning Goals:       1) To gain an intimate knowledge of Google

                                2) To personalize Google

                                3) To hone web publishing skills


Step 0


Visit’s Way Back Machine and study how has changed over time. 

Make sure you have understood all of Google’s Services. 


Log into before visiting these sites.


You must visit-


  1. Web Search                            
  2. Gmail                                        
  3. Local                                         
  4. Maps                                        
  5. News                                         (make sure you know how to customize this)
  6. Froogle                                     
  7. Directory                                  
  8. Scholar                                     
  9. Groups                                     
  10. Print                                          
  11. Alerts                                        
  12. Personalized Page                  (log into before trying this)
  13. Suggest                                    
  14. Translator                                 
  15. Search History                          (log into gmail before trying this)
  16. LABS                                         (MANY MANY LINKS)


I will be prowling around the class like a jaguar on java.  Raise your hand if you want me to change your life yet again (or if you have a question or comment). 


Step 1


Go to

Save that file as Google99.htm to your desktop (File-Save on your browser)


Step 2


Open Google99.htm using Microsoft Word.


Go to and insert the Google logo (right-click on the logo, choose copy and go to Word and paste it).  If you want to choose another logo, you could.  Google has many holiday logos, for instance.  Google to find other logos.  You can make your own, too.


Re-save that file as Google99.htm on your desktop using “save as web page”.  Make sure there is a new folder called Google99_files on your desktop. 


Step 3


From your understanding of Google’s Services, choose what you want to appear on your page.

Rather than the usual-


Web Images Groups News Froogle Local more>>


You can add links to new things.


For instance, if you want Gmail to replace Images, enter the word Gmail, select it and insert a hyperlink to  If you want Google Maps to replace Froogle, enter the word Froogle and insert a hyperlink to


Save all changes to Google99.htm.


Upload Google99.htm to your web page.

Using SSH-Secure FTP create a sub-folder under public_html called Google99_files.

Upload the contents of Google99_files on your desktop to the Google99_files under public_html.


The file should be available at-


Step 4


You will be randomly paired with another person.


Describe to this person why you chose this design.  Let this other person test it out. 


Tweak your design based on the comments of this person.


Step 5


Make a 7 minute presentation to the class introducing your design.

No .ppt needed.  Just show us your design and tell us why it makes sense.

I will cut you off at the 7 minute mark.