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Vita- Official Bio | Vita in .pdf format


Books- E-Commerce textbook | Contemporary Research in E-Marketing, Volume 1, Volume 2


Internet Marketing Resources-  1- Krishnamurthy, Sandeep (2006), Introducing E-MARKPLAN- A Practical Methodology to Plan E-Marketing Activities”, Business Horizons, 49(1), 51-60.

2- Krishnamurthy, Sandeep, Rahul Patel and Ajay Kaushal (2005), “Online Competition”, Marketing Research, Winter, 20-25.


Invited Keynote Presentations

1- APEC OVOP Training Workshop on E-Commerce, Taipei, Taiwan, August 2007.

2- Workshop on Computer Privacy in Electronic Commerce, Montreal, Canada, “Michelle’s Web Side Story (Slides in .pdf)”, May 2006.

3- IADIS’ 2005 E-Commerce Conference, Porto, Portugal- “Trends in E-Commerce”- Overview, Slides, December 2005.


Journal Special Issue Editorships

1- Dou, Wenyu and Sandeep Krishnamurthy (2007), Special Issue on User-Generated Content, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Forthcoming. 

2- Krishnamurthy, Sandeep and Nitish Singh (2005), Special Issue on International E-Marketing, International Marketing Review, 22(6).  


Conference Leadership

1-     Vice-Chair, 2007 Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit (formerly Educators' Conference) - 10/13-10/14/07 (Chair: George Milne)

2-     Co-Chair, IADIS International Conference on E-Commerce, Algarve, Portugal.  (Co-chair: Pedro Isaias)


Blogs- Everything MBA (on Seattle PI) | Marketing College (Vision, FAQ, Posting Guidelines) | Deep World | Passion for Math Education


iMediaConnection Columns- AdSense Report Card (September 2007) | Memo to Brands: Fear the Wiki (August 2007)


Download Free E-Books (.pdf)

1. Shortest Marketing Course You Will Ever Take | 2. How to Make a Successful Presentation |  3. What Every MBA Student in the World Needs to Know | 4. Marketing is Boring


Online Projects

1- Grammar Check Project:   Grammar Check Page (includes demo files, FAQs) | Official Seattle P-I Story |  Compilation of News Stories


2- Eduzzle: An Eduzzle (rhymes with puzzle) is an educational puzzle- I believe this is the first usage of the word.  I use Eduzzles in my classes to push students to think more carefully about the Internet and the Web.  Three Eduzzles are now available for public consumption. WordRaptor and NumberCheq are easier and more linear.  HyperTextItIs is somewhat harder.  Also, see the short note to educators.


3- Automated Wal-Mart Project:  Project Page (includes Commentaries) | The Automated Wal-Mart- A Thought Experiment (.pdf) | Graphical Overview (PowerPoint Show)


4- Professor Bollywood:  Bollywood Movie Reviews


Media Appearances- Wall Street Journal | Wired | Medialifemagazine | Toyo-Kezai


Teaching-  Teaching Philosophy | How I Use Technology in Teaching | Search and the World Wide Web Class | Truman Project | Top Student Writing Mistakes | Making Student Teams Work Better (.ppt)

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