BCUSP 140: Scientific Journeys: Global Warming

Friday 8:45-1:00
UW1 030

Instructor: Prof. Eric Salathé, Science and Technology
Office: UWBB 253
Phone: 206-616-5351
Email: salathe@uw.edu
Office Hours:.
Website: http://faculty.washington.edu/salathe/BCUSP140/
Text: The Rough Guide to Climate Change, 3rd ed., by Bob Henson, Rough Guides, 2011.

Overview of Course:

Human-induced climate change - popularly known as "global warming" - is emerging as one of the great challenges facing society in the 21st century. If we ignore the problem, by the end of this century the climate changes due to increased greenhouse gases will be large enough to have significant consequences on the environment and on civilization. At stake are deeply felt values as well as entrenched economic interests. When these are combined with scientific uncertainty, it is not surprising that global warming has sparked a raging, often passionate debate.

This class will follow the scientific -- and societal -- journey of discovering and managing climate change. We will use both scientific and popular materials to understand the scientific and policy issues of our changing climate.

Text book:

The Rough Guide to Climate Change, 3rd ed., by Bob Henson, Rough Guides, 2011. This short non-technical book summarizes the current science. Either a hardcopy or ebook is required. Available from the bookstore or from the publisher.

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