Janice Sabin, Ph.D., MSW

Research Associate Professor
University of Washington
Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education
Health Sciences Building
Seattle, WA 98195

Research Interests

Janice Sabin's Curriculum Vitae

Janice Sabin's research aims to reduce health care disparities among minority populations by improving the patient-provider relationship. Her research focuses on process of care and can be applied to disparities across chronic disease conditions and other areas of patient care among diverse patient populations. One research goal is to determine whether providers’ (defined broadly) unconscious attitudes and beliefs contribute to health care disparities, patient perceptions of care and poor health outcomes. Dr. Sabin is concurrently developing and evaluating web-based, interactive health care disparities education for clinicians in practice.

Samuel E. Kelly Distinguished Faculty Lecture 2016

Sabin Implicit Bias Interview KOUW