Rob Nash, M.S.
Senior Lecturer in STEM
Computing & Software Systems Division
Email: rynn at uw dot edu
Office: UW1-343
University of Washington, Bothell

18115 Campus Way NE Bothell, WA 98011-8246


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CSE 410
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About me: Rob Nash is also a Husky, having received a B.S. and a Masters degree in computer science, both from the University of Washington, Seattle. Rob has served in industry in a number of roles. During his stay at the XNA team at Microsoft, he worked with an elite group of graphics engineers from Rare on projects like Forza Motorsports 2. He transitioned from Microsoft to teaching, eventually joining the faculty at the UW and lecturing on software & programming languages. His technical and research interests are varied, and currently focus on experimenting with educational & pedagogical techniques for greater learning outcomes in introductory computer science courses.

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