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What is Sustainability?

An Exploratory Symposium



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Friday, May 22                                                                                                   


UW Bothell

Room UW2-005


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Sustainability is a popular “buzz word” these days.  It seems everyone wants it, but there is precious little agreement on just what constitutes sustainability or how to achieve it.  It is our goal to both clarify and expand the notions of sustainability in order to build bigger, more effective coalitions striving to study and enhance social justice, ecological integrity, public health, community resilience, and a higher quality of life for all.  Sustainability… it is not just a new word for environmentalism.

About our speakers…

 	Susan Albertine
is the director of the LEAP State Initiatives at the Association of American Colleges and Universities.
As the lead driver of the AAC&U’s vehicle for advancing undergraduate 
liberal education for all students, Susan seeks to engage the public with core questions about what really matters in college and to make a set of essential learning outcomes the preferred framework for educational excellence.  Prior to this role, our keynote speaker served as co-leader of the Educated Citizen and Public Health Initiative as well as the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies at Temple University.

 	Bruce Kochis
is a senior lecturer and an Assistant Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program at UW Bothell.  Bruce’s research and teaching tends to focus on the construction and implementation of 
human rights and he is both the driving force behind the popular human rights minor and an architect of the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program at UWB.

 	Kate Davies
is the director of the Center for Creative Change at Antioch University Seattle, the Chair of the Advisory Board of Directors of the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health, & 

a member of the Board of Directors for the Washington Toxics Coalition.  Kate’s research makes the connections between public health, economics, and environmental quality.

 	Gabriel Scheer
is the founder and executive director of Seattle Greendrinks, and the founder and director of Re-Vision Labs, Gabriel is a leader in the region for promoting and consulting on environmentally-friendly
event production, corporate social responsibility, eco-efficient business, and networking for building stronger communities.

 	Sean Schmidt
is the Director of New Initiatives & Acting Executive Director of Sustainable Seattle and Co-founder of the Sustainable Style Foundation.  As a sustainable business, design and lifestyle expert, Sean also  
publishes the Sustainable Style Weblog and Sustainable Sean’s Weblog to demonstrate that sustainability can be “fun, positive, affordable, and easy.”

The Program





 - Robert Turner                                   Watch the Video!

Coordinator of Growing Sustainability at UWB,

University of Washington Bothell



 - Mike Gillespie                                    Watch the Video!

Steering Committee of the Curriculum for the Bioregion,

University of Washington Bothell



Sustainability is Public Health


 - Susan Albertine                                 Watch the Video!

Director of the LEAP State Initiatives,

Association of American Colleges and Universities



Sustainability is Human Rights


 - Bruce Kochis                                    Watch the Video!

Assistant Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program, University of Washington Bothell







Sustainability is Environmental Quality


 - Kate Davies

Director of the Center for Creative Change,

Antioch University Seattle



Sustainability is Green Business


 - Gabriel Scheer

Founder and Executive Director of Seattle Greendrinks and

Founder and Managing Director of Re-Vision Labs



Q&A with the Guest Speakers Moderated by

- Sean Schmidt

Director of New Initiatives & Acting Executive Director of Sustainable Seattle and Co-founder of the Sustainable Style Foundation




Two handouts from Susan Albertine:


AAC&U LEAP State Initiatives Essential Learning Outcomes

AAC&U LEAP State Initiatives Principles of Excellence





This symposium is sponsored by:


Growing Sustainability Logo

An initiative of The Sustainability Across the Curriculum Institute

sponsored by The Washington Center and The Russell Family Foundation




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For more information, contact:

Robert J. Turner

Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

University of Washington, Bothell


(425) 352-3616








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