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BIS 398 – Interdisciplinary Forum

Spring 2010



Instructor Info:

Robert J. Turner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

University of Washington, Bothell

Box 358511

Bothell, WA 98201







Course Description


Interdisciplinary Forum is 2 credit seminar course designed to enhance student abilities in collaboration, shared leadership, oral communication, organization, critical reflection, and writing.  The course will also encourage meta-analysis of the various UWB and IAS programs by: 1) evaluating the extracurricular events they sponsor; 2) evaluating the learning objectives for the IAS majors; and 3) developing a few web pages meant to serve as an online platform for some of the IAS majors.  As part of the course, students will attend and analyze 3 of many pre-approved seminars and events throughout the quarter.  As follow-up, students will assess the intellectual climate of UWB and the missions of various programs.  Attending these events will also enable you to advance and articulate your growing understanding of what constitutes achievement in scholarship by engaging them with the work of leading researchers, activists, and artists.  Other primary objectives of the course include preparing you for the portfolio capstone course, evaluating the effectiveness of different modes of communicating research, and improving your communication skills via practice. As final projects, students in the course will be challenged to collaborate in the design and production of an educational event of their own and will submit an updated version of their portfolio.


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