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BIS 392 – Water & Sustainability

Autumn 2009


Instructor Info:



Robert J. Turner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

University of Washington, Bothell

Box 358511

Bothell, WA 98201


Aral sea desertification






Course Description


It is no secret that water is the most critical substance for the sustenance of life.  And yet the prognosis for the quality and supply of both local and global water resources is somewhere between troubling and dire.  What gives?  This course provides a framework for students to learn about our water future and ways we might define and achieve sustainability in water management. We will investigate these topics via thoughtful reading, critical writing, class and on-line discussion, and collaborative group projects.


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Here is the URL for the course Electronic Reserves site.  You’ll find a number of the readings backed up here.



Here are a few interesting web sites for visitors to this course web page:


Learn more about where our water comes from and what happens to it along the way…

Seattle's Regional Water System - Virtual Map


Visit the following web site to learn more about local watershed issues and who is doing what:

http://www.kingcounty.gov/environment/watersheds/cedar-river-lake-wa.aspx  - this is “our” watershed. 

More specific watershed information from the Dept. of Ecology - http://www.ecy.wa.gov/apps/watersheds/wriapages/index.html




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