UW AMath High Performance Scientific Computing
AMath 483/583 Class Notes
Spring Quarter, 2011

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Jacobi iteration using MPI

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Other courses with useful slides or webpages

[software-carpentry]Greg Wilson, http://software-carpentry.org/.
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[Snyder-UW-CSE524]Larry Snyder, UW CSE 524, Parallel Algorithms
[Gropp-UIUC]William Gropp UIUC Topics in HPC
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[Demmel-Simon-UCB]Jim Demmel and Horst Simon, Berkeley course on parallel computing
[Berger-Bindel-NYU]Marsha Berger and David Bindel, NYU course
[LLNL-HPC]Livermore HPC tutorials
[NERSC-tutorials]NERSC tutorials