Wave-Propagation Methods and Software for Complex Applications
by Randall J. LeVeque and Sorin Mitran.
To appear in the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications
Porquerolles, France, June, 2002.

Abstract. Wave-propagation methods are high-resolution Godunov methods that are written in a general framework that can easily be applied to a wide variety of hyperbolic equations, whether or not they are in conservation form. These methods form the basis for the CLAWPACK software, which only requires the user to provide a Riemann solver for the equations to be solved. Recently a new version of this software has been developed with new capabilities. This BEARCLAW software is briefly reviewed along with some recent developments in wave-propagation methods. A sample calculation is presented showing an adaptively refined solution on a moving grid for a gas dynamics problem in a tube with a flexible elastic boundary.

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