High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods for Dusty Gas Jets and Plumes
by M. Pelanti and R. J. LeVeque SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 28 (2006) 1335-1360.

Abstract. We consider a model for dusty gas flow that consists of the compressible Euler equations for the gas coupled to a similar (but pressureless) system of equations for the mass, momentum, and energy of the dust. These sets of equations are coupled via drag terms and heat transfer. A high-resolution wave-propagation algorithm is used to solve the equations numerically. The one-dimensional algorithm is shown to give agreement with a shock tube test problem in the literature. The two-dimensional algorithm has been applied to model expolsive volcanic eruptions in which an axisymmetric jet of hot dusty gas is injected into the atmosphere and the expected behavior is observed at two different vent velocities. The methodology described here, with extensions to three dimensions and adaptive mesh refinement, is being used for more detailed studies of volcanic jet processes.

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