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Literate Programming and Reproducible Research

Literate Programming and Reproducible Research

Literate Programming:

The term "literate programming" was introduced by Don Knuth in the early 1980's, with the idea that a computer program should be documented in a manner that is readable by humans.

Reproducible Research:

When a project is complete (e.g. a paper is published), the computational tools and data should be preserved in a manner that allows one to reproduce the final products (e.g., figures, tables, error values) and to later understand the methods used and the implementation (including all parameter values).

The paper should contain all details that can be reasonably included. Other details should be available on-line.

Some links to recent articles and editorials:

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  • NSF to require data management plan article FAQ

Some links to my recent attempts in this direction:

Other links:

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