Applied Mathematics 483/583

High Performance Scientific Computing

Spring Quarter, 2014

To prepare for the first lab session

The on-campus students in AMath 483/583 will meet for the first time on Tuesday April 1 at 2:30pm in OUG 136 (main floor of Odegaard Library).

Before this session, please watch the Lecture 1 videos found at [Canvas: Lecture 1] (This page is only available to registered students.)

For online students enrolled in AMath 583B, video of the most useful parts of the lab session will be made available on the page [Canvas: Lab 1] later in the day.

Please bring a laptop to the lab sessions if possible. Note that you can checkout a laptop for free from Classroom Technologies & Events in Kane Hall (reservation required); there are also two iPad minis available for student check out at the OUG 2nd floor Information Desk.

The first lab will start with a demo of SageMathCloud. We will try to use this as our primary computing platform for the lab sessions, and all you need to access it is a web browser. So you do not need to install any software and any type of computer should work (linux, Windows, Mac).

Before the first lab, please go to SageMathCloud and create an account for yourself using your UW email address of the form This will make it easier for us to add you to a common shared project.

Lab sessions are required for on-campus students in 483 or 583A. Most lab sessions will include work to be turned in and this will count towards your grade. The class is full and the size is strictly limited by the number of seats in OUG 136 and there are many people still hoping to get in. So if you cannot commit to coming to lab sessions, please drop the class and let someone else use the slot who can be there. You might consider taking the Coursera version instead.

If you want to experiment with SageMathCloud, some hints can be found [Notes: Using SageMathCloud].

If you want to install the software we'll be using on your own computer or explore other options for computing (using a Virtual Machine or Amazon Web Services), see [Notes: Computing Options].

What we did in the lab session

If you missed the lab session, we worked through the instructions found here

Assuming the technology works, video of part of the lab will be posted on the Canvas page in the next few days.