Syllabus for SPANISH 121-122-123

Instructor: Rita Wirkala, PhD
Quarter: Fall
Office Hours: After class or by appointment.
Home office Phone: (206) 368 2576

1) Objectives
This is a fast-paced beginning course in Spanish. The objective of the course is to develop in a balanced form the various skills for language acquisition: listening and comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. You will also get your first taste of Hispanic cultural behavior and artistic expression.

2) Required Material
Textbook: Plazas
Workbook and Lab Manual: Activity Plazas

3) Student Responsibilities
a) To come to class prepared. This includes to memorize the vocabulary we will be using for the incoming class.

b) To turn in your assignments ON QUIZ DAYS. Work on your own, the best you can, and later check the answers with the answer key and write the corrections in another color, so that I can see the difficulties you may have had. After this process, you should write CORREGIDO (corrected) on the first page.
The last page of your written assignments is a short composition. You should write it in a separate paper and turn it in on quiz days.

c) To come to class regularly. Your grade will suffer from poor attendance in the item "participation".

d) To listen to the CD's lessons. Your quizzes and exams have an oral component, therefore it is necessary to work on oral understanding.

121 covers chapters 1 - 4
122 covers chapters 5 - 9
123 covers chapters 10 - 15

There will be a quiz for each chapter.

Schedule: To be determined each quarter

Updated 13/10/08
Contact: Rita Wirkala
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