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Riki Thompson, Ph.D.


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2007 - Ph.D. English Language and Literature, University of Washington
Areas of Specialization: Discourse Analysis, Composition & Rhetoric, Narrative Analysis, Discourse of Trauma & Recovery
Dissertation: Virtual Recovery: Governing Mental Health and Self-Improvement Online

2002 - M.A. English Language and Literature, University of Washington
1996 - B.A. English, University of Washington
1996 - B.A. Business Administration, University of Washington


Refereed Articles

Book Reviews




Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma

TIAS 514        Teaching Writing: Theory & Practicum
TIAS 513        Graduate Research & Writing
TIAS 505        MAIS Capstone
TWRT 464     Teaching Writing
TCXG 374       Argument & Research
TWRT 330      Visual & Written Rhetoric
TWRT 211       Argument & Research
------------------->Literacy in the digital world
------------------->Writing & the digital world
TWRT 272      Intermediate Academic Argument
------------------->Writing & the digital world
TCXG 272       Writing Effectively
------------------->Living in (& with) the world: Arguing about sustainability
TCORE 101     Introduction to Academic Writing
------------------->Being digital: All about m/e-stories
TCORE 101     Introduction to Composition
------------------->M/e-stories! Writing the self online
------------------->Blog me! Writing the self online            

TCORE 101     Introduction to Composition: Humanities Link
------------------->What is America(n)?
------------------->(Trans)forming identity & history
TCORE 101     Introduction to Composition: Science Links
------------------->Writing in the rain: Debating climate change
------------------->Writing & science
TWRT 111     Discourse Foundations
------------------->Graduate Writing Studio: Institute of Technology

Department of English, University of Washington

English 197 -- Interdisciplinary Writing: English Link
------------------->Introduction to the study of English language & literature
English 281 -- Intermediate Expository Writing
------------------->The place of emotion in writing
English 131 -- Composition, Exposition
------------------->Language in society
------------------->Ways of seeing & writing
English 104/105 -- Introduction to Composition- CIC
------------------->Language ideology: Attitudes about talk
------------------->Media(ting) crisis

Guest Lectures

T WOMN 302: Research Methods (2011)
Website Analysis Methodologies
TCORE 101: Science & Technology in the Information Society (2010)
------------------->The Rhetoric of Science in Presidential Speeches
TCOMM 201: Media & Society (2009)
------------------->Visual Rhetoric in Pop Culture Magazines
TWRT 465: Writing for Social Change (2008)
------------------->Social Semiotics & Website Analysis
WRT 301: Writing Studies (2005)-- Western Washington University
------------------->Applying Discourse Analysis to the Internet


UWT Teaching Forum

MAIS Faculty Learning Community (2014)

UWT Writing Studies Faculty Learning Community (2014)

Practical Pedagogy Roundtable, UW Seattle

  • Technology in the Classroom: The Benefits & Limits of Discussion Boards (2004)
    Co-facilitated with Stacy Grooter

UWT Core Curriculum

  • Faculty Development Workshops - (quarterly, 2008-2011)

Washington Center & Washington Learning Communities Consortium

  • Curriculum for the Bioregion Workshop (2008)
  • Curriculum Planning Retreat (2011)

THATCamp: The Humanities & Technology Camp

Tacoma Community College

  • College Readiness Workshop (2010)




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