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The information age has brought about the need to examine the intersection between digital technologies and the writing classroom. As students spend hours a day using digital technologies to email, text, and facebook friends, the importance of research about how students integrate their knowledge (or lack thereof) into college-writing situations is invaluable. I am currently working on a composition studies project Writing in the Web 2.0 World to learn more about digital literary to develop pedagogical strategies to enhance teaching composition with technology.


Writing & Technology

"Compositionists have attempted to move beyond a binary view of technology access in examining the digital divide and in doing so have raised important questions about the larger societal issues connected to issues of technological literacy and access. While much attention has been paid to students at risk of growing up without access to, and experience with, computers, attention also needs to be paid to students’ critical digital literacies. "
Stephanie Vie - "Digital Divide 2.0"

What ties this all together?

I am intrigued by the power of language
to do things in everyday life
--such as--
create meaning
convey values and beliefs
reproduce ideology
make sense of problems
empower, control and activate
people to take action.







Inspired by an interest in transformation and problems generated by the dynamic nature of language, technology, and societal ideological formations, I apply discourse analysis to a mental health website to shed light on how Americans respond to consumer-oriented messages about health and wellness. I am currently working on a number of articles that examine an mental health community website to understand how “wellness” and "disorder"are constructed as an ideal to pursue i and correspondingly how individuals construct their self-identity in response to mental Health discourse. This project provides much needed research on how people employ the web to work on the Project of the self” and make sense of self-identity in their everyday lives through telling stories.


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Language & Power 

“My approach to discourse analysis (a version of ‘critical discourse analysis’) is based upon the assumption that language is an irreducible part of social life, dialectically interconnected with other elements of social life, so that social analysis and research always has to take account of language. This means that one productive way of doing social research is through a focus on language, using some form of discourse analysis.”
Norman Fairclough - Analyzing Discourse

Identity & Storytelling
Narrative is among the most important social resources for creating and maintaining personal identity. Narrative is a significant resource for creating our internal, private sense of self and is all the more a major resource for conveying that self to and negotiating that self with others."
Charlotte Linde - Life Stories





January 20, 2014