Overview of Research Group

The Hydro-biogeochemistry research group works to advance mechanistic understanding of subsurface flow and biogeochemical reaction processes that impact water and food quality and influence global climate change; mechanistic understanding of these processes is required for the development of sound management strategies that protect human and environmental health. We address these topics by working at across vastly different spatial scales — from the scale of an individual plant root up to the field and regional scales — and by using a combination of complementary techniques, including fieldwork, laboratory investigation and numerical modeling. We currently have three focal areas: 1) arsenic contamination of groundwater and surface waters, 2) arsenic contamination of rice, and 3) plant-mediated exchange of water and carbon between the land and atmosphere.


March 11 2016 - Congratulations to Bobby Ardissono, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, for winning a Mary Gates Research Scholarship!

February 28 2016 - Congratulations to Becca Neumann (group PI) for winning a UW Innovation Award.

January 29 2016 - Congratulations to Nick Waldo, a PhD student in the lab, who has won a Future Leaders in Science Award from the Soil Science Society of America. Nick will be travelling to Washington DC in March for science policy training and meetings with Seattle's congressional delegation.

January 10 2016 - Welcome to our new post-doctoral researchers, Pam Barrett and Mickey Jarvi! These scientists come to the Neumann lab with backgrounds in oceanography and forestry, respectively, and we look forward to the contributions their unique skill sets bring to our research group.

January 1 2015 - Good luck to Colby Moorberg, former post-doctoral researcher in the lab, with his new faculty position at Kansas State University!