Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr.
Scott and Dorothy Bullitt
Professor of American History
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History 101:
Survey of the History of the United States
Manual - Introduction

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             I have assembled in this booklet instructional aids which will help enhance your understanding of the lectures and readings for this course, United States History, 1775-2000, or which explain and clarify the organization and require­ments of the course.  These aids include vignettes which are usually statements by important historical figures or commentary by observers of critical events and episodes in the history of African American people in the United States, statistical tables and information sheets. 

            Also included are lists of weekly terms introduced and emphasized during the lectures or discussed in the assigned readings.  These terms reflect some critical event or development for a particular period of United States History or refer to a concept which will help you better understand the historical process.  Since I will randomly choose some of the terms for your midterm and final exams you should learn the definition and historical significance of each of them.  Those terms not specifically discussed in class will be explained in your textbooks or the manual so it is particularly important that you do all of the assigned reading.  All of the instructional materials are arranged in the approximate order in which they will be dis­cussed during the quarter.  

            One final note: you should view the materials in this manual not simply as additional information you will have to learn for the exams but as data that will help you better comprehend and assimilate the varied issues addressed in the lectures and textbook reading assignments.  If you have any questions about any of the information presented in this manual please contact me during my office hours which are listed on your course syllabus.   

            My office is Smith 316-A and my office phone number is (206) 543-5698.  My email address is qtaylor@u.washington.edu.  My office hours for Winter 2003 are 10:30-11:30 MTuWTh.   

            The teaching assistants for this class are Mr. Brian Barnes bribarne@u.washington.edu, Mr. Fred Brown fbrown@u.washington.edu, and Mr. Joseph Wycoff jwycoff@u.washington.edu.  They will provide you with their office hours and office phone numbers.