Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr.
Scott and Dorothy Bullitt
Professor of American History
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History 101:
Survey of the History of the United States
Syllabus - AD & AE

Section AD:
Section AE:

Chad Moody
T.A. HSTAA 101

Office: Smith 10
Office Hours:
Thurs: 11:30-1:30,
Thursday 9:30 and by appt. Thursday 10:30

Purpose: Sections offer students a valuable opportunity to engage the week’s readings and lectures in a more interactive and conversational manner than is possible during regular class time. As a group, we will discuss the week’s relevant ideas and themes critically and creatively. During sections, students will also receive some time to prepare for exams and find out how to write clear and effective college-level essays based on a synthesis of knowledge acquired from various sources.

Expectations: First and foremost, students are expected to show up to section on time. Latecomers interrupt the flow of discussion and often miss important announcements regarding due dates, schedule changes etc. If you know in advance that you are going to miss a section please inform me promptly. That way I can make sure you are brought up to speed on all important class information. It is also vitally important that everyone understand that individual participation is mandatory. Everyone is expected to prepare for sections by doing the required reading, and everyone is expected to share ideas with the group. Shy students will have to get over their inhibitions quickly. Also, as a common courtesy, students should turn off all cell phones before coming to class.

Grading: I will assess your class participation grade based on your contributions in section. At certain times you might be asked to compose one-page response papers or take an in-class quiz. We will likely also work in small groups periodically throughout the quarter. Make sure that you check your student e-mail account on a regular basis. I will send important section e-mails almost every week.

Written Work: All students will have 2 essays to compose over the course of this quarter. We will work in sections on how to construct a quality history paper; and I will be available to answer any specific questions you may have. The History Writing Center (Smith 210c) is another excellent source of help and information.

Sensitivity—and its Limits: There is much talk these days—especially on college campuses—about “sensitivity.” And while being sensitive to the feelings of others is a necessity in a multicultural environment, sometimes this mindset can become a subtle form of censorship. Remember: the most important kind of diversity is diversity of thought. So, if you are a speaker, be aware of—and respectful toward—your audience. And if you are a listener, don’t let your particular beliefs or sensibilities prevent you from considering new ideas and fresh perspectives.