Dr. Quintard Taylor, Jr.
Scott and Dorothy Bullitt
Professor of American History
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Curriculum Vitae:

Public Presentations

(more than 150 public lectures since 1976. Listed below are the presentations since 2001).


"Living Jim Crow: The View from the West,” Presentation at Lewis Walker Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, October, 2004


“African American History in Washington State,” Interview for “Kids Care,” A public affairs radio program for children, Radio Disney, Seattle, July 2004


“African American Seattle,” Presentation on African American History at the Mercer Island Rotary Club, July, 2004


"Predominately Black Colleges and Universities at the Crossroads,” Interview with Marilyn Morgan for independent documentary on African American Colleges, Seattle, June, 2004


“Black Women Confront the West,” Presentation for the Pacific Northwest Historian’s Guild, National Archives Building, Seattle, May 2004


Texas: The South or the West?“ Spring Distinguished Lecture at the Dallas African American Museum, Dallas, Texas, May, 2004


“Facing West: African Americans Pursue the Racial Frontier,” Lecture Given in honor of the late Nudie Williams, Phi Alpha Theta Annual Banquet, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April, 2004


“The Black West: Meaning, Memory and History,” Second Presentation for the Cooperating School Districts and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, March, 2004


“Freedom’s Frontier: African Americans and the Trans-Missouri West,” Presentation for the Cooperating School Districts and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, March, 2004


“The West Begins Here: African American Frontiers in Kansas,” Presentation as Scholar-in-Residence at the Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas, February, 2004.


“Native Americans and African Americans: Intersections Across Time and Space in the West,” Address for Ford Foundation-Sponsored Symposium on teaching African Americans and Native American Studies titled “The Shifting Borders of Race and Identity,” co-sponsored by Haskell Indian Nations University and the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, February, 2004


“The Civil Rights Movement in the West, 1941-1970,” Keynote Address for “Pursuing Equal Justice in the West Conference,” University of Nevada Law School,. Las Vegas, Nevada, February, 2004


“African American Seattle,” Presentation on African American History at the Rainier Valley Rotary Club, February, 2004


“The West Begins Here: The Meaning of African American History in the Trans-Mississippi West,” Martin Luther King Cultural Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, November, 2003.


"Slavery and Freedom in the Antebellum Pacific Northwest, 1843-1861," Presentation to the Civil War Roundtable, Seattle, April 2003


"Seattle: A Geography of Housing Segregation and Integration," Seattle University Law School, Seattle, March 2003


"In Search of the Racial Frontier: The African American Quest for Freedom in the West," Seattle Pacific University, February, 2003.


In Search of the Racial Frontier: The African American Quest for Freedom in the West." Lecture, Booth Museum for Western Art, Cartersville, Georgia, February, 2003


"Borderlands: African American History in the American Southwest," for the Cullum 2003 Lecture Series, "Frontiers in Motion Series: U.S. Latin American/Caribbean Borderlands," Augusta State University, Augusta, Georgia, February 2003


“The Civil Rights Movement in Seattle, 1960-1970," All-Student Assembly for the Martin Luther King Holiday Observance, Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington, January, 2003


"The Irony of Southern Racial Segregation: The Post Civil War South," Lecture in the Essence of Success Program, UW Office of Student Recruitment and UW Office of Minority Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle, November, 2002


"The History and Future of Seattle's Central District," Community Potpourri with Barbara Landers, KRIZ Public Affairs Radio Program, November 2002


"Opening Remarks for Discussion: How Central is the Central District?" in the Which Way Seattle Series, Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas, October, 2002


"Racial Oppression in Seattle: A History," Presentation at Social & Behavioral Sciences MPH (Masters in Public Health) Seminar, Department of Health Services, University of Washington, October, 2002


"In Search of the Racial Frontier: The African American Quest for Freedom in the West," Center for African American Studies Lecture Series, Boston University, September 2002


"Pacific Northwest African American History in the High School Classroom," Presentation for University College Program, University of Washington, August, 2002


Workshop on Antebellum African American political activity in the Pacific Northwest, Regional Managers, Underground Railroad Project, National Park Service, Seattle, July 2002


"African American Western Migration, 1800-1970," African American Migration Experience Project, Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture (New York Public Library) Summer Teachers' Institute, New York, New York, July 2002


"A Geography of Seattle Residential Housing, 1860-1990: From Integration to Segregation to Integration," UW Department of Geography Faculty-Graduate Student Colloquium, Seattle, Washington, May 2002


"Race and Residence in Seattle Housing in the Post Civil Rights Era: The Paradox of Success," Presentation given at the Fannie Mae\Washington State Housing Leadership Roundtable, Seattle, Washington, May 2002


"In Search of African American History in the Pacific Northwest: A Professional and Personal Odyssey," Keynote speech given at the third annual Ku'Onesha Awards Ceremony honoring Garfield High School African American students for Academic Achievement, April 2002


"The African American West: Reconceptualizing Race, Ethnicity and Region in Eastern Washington," Department of Energy\Hanford Contractors Black History Month Commemoration, Richland, Washington, February 2002


"From the Mountains to the Plains: The African American Historical Experience in Montana” Seventh Annual Presidential Lecture, University of Montana, Missoula, February, 2002


"When Blacks Were Latinos: Explorations into Political Coalition Building, Past and Present," Keynote Address at Plenary Session, Strangers Among Us, Competition or Coalition Building, The Fifty-Ninth Annual Professional Agricultural Workers Conference, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama, December 2001


"When Lions Learn to Write: African American History and Historians, A Personal Odyssey," Speech given at the first African American Faculty Forum, University of Washington and the Breakfast Group, co-sponsors, Garfield High School, Seattle, October, 2001

"Black California and the African American West," Speech presented at Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, September 2001


"Ambiguous Legacy: Buffalo Soldiers in the American West, 1866-1917," Presentation for the Fort Concho Historical Museum, San Angelo Convention Center, San Angelo, Texas, July 2001


"Texas, The South Meets the West: The View Through African American History," Phi Alpha Theta Banquet, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, April, 2001


"The African American Western Experience: Black Seattle in the Twentieth Century," Highline Community College, March, 2001


"African Americans in California History, California in African American History," Keynote Address for the Symposium: Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California, The Autry Museum, Los Angeles, California, February, 2001


"The Meaning of African American History and Black History Month: Seattle's History in the National Context," Black History Month Presentation for Seattle City Light Black Employees Association, Seattle, February, 2001


"Through the Prism of Race: The Meaning of African American History in the American West," Keynote Address for the Symposium: A Quest for Freedom: The Black Experience in the American West, Twentieth Annual National Observance of African American History Month, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C., February, 2001