Targeted Rural/Underserved Track

A UW School of Medicine Program Administered by the Department of Family Medicine

The Targeted Rural and Underserved Track (TRUST) seeks to provide a continuous connection between underserved communities, medical education, and health professionals in our region. Our initial goal is to create a full-circle pipeline by guiding qualified students through a special curriculum that connects underserved communities in Washington and Montana to the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) and its network of affiliated residency programs in an effort to help meet the workforce needs of the region. As the program develops, we hope to expand its scope to include Wyoming, Alaska, and Idaho.

TRUST has four main objectives:

Are these too forward-looking? For example, can we just say "to train physicians to work..." rather than "to develop the infrastructure..."?

  1. to develop the infrastructure for a track dedicated to training physicians to work in underserved areas, both rural and urban;
  2. to work with communities to identify their needs and resources for health workforce training and to develop a targeted admissions process that links students from and back to these underserved communities;
  3. to expand the Underserved Pathway at the UWSOM and connect it with TRUST; and
  4. to link TRUST scholars with residency programs that have ties with Community Health Centers or to a rural training focus.

TRUST is currently being administered by the UWSOM Department of Family Medicine and the Montana and Eastern Washington Regional Offices. TRUST goals will be accomplished by developing the infrastructure and support necessary for a sustainable continuous pipeline between the community, the academic health center, and the health professional.