Public Policy Processes
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Week 1.  Jumping In -- Policy Processes and Studying Policy Agendas

Thomas Birkland, "Focusing Events, Mobilization, and Agenda Setting”

Jessica Boscarino, "Surfing for Problems: Advocacy Group Strategy in Forest Policy"

Sample Paper

Travis Reynolds, “Coalitions, Institutions, and Strategy in the United States Climate Change Policy”


Week 2.  Agenda and Policy Change

Workman, Jones, Jochim, "Information Processing and Policy Dynamics"  

Sarah Pralle, “Venue Shopping...”

Weible, Sabatier, McQueen, “Taking Stock of the Advocacy Coalition Framework"

Peter J. May, "Reconsidering Policy Design:  Policies and Publics"  [large file]

Mintrom and Norman, “Policy Entrepreneurship and Policy Change"

Sample Paper

Melissa Poague, “Mature versus Emergent Policy Areas..."


Week 4.  Problem Definitions, Causal Reasoning, and Policy Feedback

Schneider and Sidney, "What's Next for Policy Design and Social Construction Theory"

Deborah A. Stone, "Causal Stories and the Formation of Policy Agendas"  [large file]

Mettler and Soss, “The Consequences of Public Policy...”

Patashnik and Zeiler, "When Policy Does Not Remake Politics ...."

Sample Papers

Shauna Fisher, "Policy Venues, Social Constructions, and Same Sex Marriage..." 


Week 5.  Subsystems, Regimes, and Policy Coherence

Daniel McCool, "Subgovernments as Determinants of Political Viability..." 

May, Sapotichne, Workman, "Widespread Policy Disruption ...”

Jochim and May, “Beyond Subsystems...”

May, Sapotichne, Workman, "Policy Coherence and Policy Domains"

May, Jochim, Sapotichne, "Policy Regimes and Governance .."”

Sample Papers

Joshua Sapotichne, “Reconstructing National Urban Policy”

Anne Buffardi, “Diverse Domain-Driven Policy:  Defining US Foreign Assistance”


Week 8.  Policy Learning and Feedback

Peter J. May, "Policy Learning and Failure"  [large file]

Bennett and Howlett, “The Lessons of Learning:  Reconciling Theories of Policy Learning and Policy Change” [large file]

Sample Papers

Betsi Beem, “Planning to Learn....”

Yuta Masuda “Policy Learning in Public Health..."

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