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Subject: Topography Files

Description: These are mat files of gridded bathymetry from a variety of different sources, with different spatial resoluton. They are useful for creating ROMS grid files. The default format of the processed files is a mat file with vectors of decimal degree lat and lon ( lon from -180 to 180) and a matrix of z (meters, positive up, zero at about sea level). The matix of z is plaid in the matlab sense, and so only requires vectors of lat and lon to fully specfy location.

Typically you would use several of these in creating a ROMS grid file, interpolating each to your own lat-lon and using the best data source available (e.g. psdem inside of Puget Sound with ttp_patch around Three Tree Point).

The current inventory of final files is (each in a sub directory, and containing pre-processing files and a README):



Resolution = 1.3 km

A global dataset created from satellites and ship measurements. Great coverage, some flaws on the shelf. Could be extracted over a larger domain.



Resolution = 0.4 km

This is a combination of psdem (183 m), cascadia (250 m) and Smith and Sandwell (old version 2 km) created by Dave Sutherland for the MoSSea project.




Resolution = 1 km

This is extracted from the NGDC coastal bathy dataset (best = 100 m). We also have cr5.mat (200 m) which was the basis for the eventual cr10 and cr11 RISE grids.



Resolution = 9 to 183 m

From David Finlayson's PSDEM 2005 Puget Sound bathymetry. We have extractions at 9, 27, 91, and 183 m resolution.



Resolution = 25 m

Data from Miles Logsdon for the whole San Juan Islands region. No data on land.

San Juans Bathy



Resolution = 50 m

USACE data from around the Columbia River mouth, from Jonathan Nash (OSU). Used in creating the RISE cr11 grid.



Resolution = 27 m

Very high-resolution bathymetry from the R/V Thompson, processed by Sally Warner and interpolated onto the PSDEM 27 m data. The patch is only in a region of a few km around Three Tree Point.


Parker MacCready 09/18/2015