Coastal Ocean Modeling Tools
LiveOcean Architecture Notes

This is some info about where the output files for some important runs are squirreled away on our machines. Typically the ouptut files are in a directory called OUT, and are hourly saves for a full year.

Salish Runs

  • /pmr3/skua1/daves/runs/salish_2006_3
This is the run that Dave Sutherland used for his 2011 JPO "MoSSea rollout" paper. Uses Global-NCOM for its ocean bc's. History files deleted, but analysis files saved. [90 GB]
  • /pmr3/pmraid1/daves/runs/salish_2006_4
This is just like _3 except that the open boundary conditions come from the higher resolution NCOM CCS. Also this one has (I think) eddy viscosity and diffusivity saved in all files. This was used for Jamie's work. NOTE: It appears to have zero values for sustr after the first month or so. [2.4 TB]
  • /pmr3/pmraid2/daves/salish_2005_1/
This is there, all 8715 files. Based on their size they do not have eddy viscosity or diffusivity. [2 TB]
  • /pmr3/skua1/daves/runs/ainlet_2006_3
Dave's 100 m resolution nested submodel of Admiralty Inlet. Has saves 2 to 771 (about 16 days of half-hourly saves). Each save file is 55 MB. [62 GB]


The final runs (2004-2007) are:

  • /pmr4/siedlesa/nbraid1/T40final_base_2004/OUT/
Godin low pass files in /pmr2/pmraid4-bk/sarahgid/runs/T40final_base_2004/OUT_lp/
  • /pmr3/pmraid1/siedlesa/T40final_base_2005_noramp/OUT/
Godin low pass files in /pmr2/pmraid4-bk/sarahgid/runs/T40final_base_2005_noramp/OUT_lp/
  • /pmr3/pmraid1/siedlesa/T40final_base_2006_noramp_v2/OUT/
Godin low pass files in /pmr2/pmraid4-bk/sarahgid/runs/T40final_base_2006_noramp_v2/OUT_lp/
  • /pmr4/siedlesa/nbraid1/T40final_base_2007_noramp/OUT/
Godin low pass files in ?? /pmraid3/kadavis/runs/T40final_base_2007_noramp/OUT_lp/

Runs of the "base case" (i.e. fully realistic) were done by Sam, hence the siedlesa directory. Sarah Giddings ran runs without the CR, which you can find in pmraid4 and pmraid2 if you are interested. Kristen Davis ran without the Salish Sea and those are scattered somewhere too. We have an .xls file that describes these all in more detail for those of you who have access to our shared Dropbox folder

These have biology and dye in them, so just be aware there will be more variables than Parker's physics only runs.

Mooring, sections, and other extractions are all located at /pmraid1/sarahgid/runs/PostProcess/ and they always have the full runname and the mooring location in the name so they are easily identifiable. For example, EH2 for the final 2005 run is: /pmr3/pmraid1/sarahgid/runs/PostProcess/ROMS_moorings/T40final_base_2005_noramp_EH2.mat


  • /pmr1/pmraid3-bk2/sarahgid/runs/
Contains many PNWTOX files of unknown importance (and some low-passed Salish files that we don't need).


Cascadia Runs

These use the Cascadia grid developed by Sarah Giddings for the PNWTOX project, but have been used more generally, e.g. for undergraduate projects, the SciDAC DOE climate modeling, and for LiveOcean.

  • /data1/parker/roms/output/[B2002, C2003-2009]
  • These are on boiler (/data1 is mounted as /boildat1 on fjord).
  • Low-passed versions are currently in /pmr1/pmraid3-bk2/parker/cascadia_lp/ but I expect to move them soon.
An 8-year sequence of quasi-continuous runs (first PM ran each year on its own to get a good IC for the next year, then he re-ran the last 7 years). They are physics-only, no dye or NPZDO. Hourly files, about 714 GB per year.

Energy Runs

  • /data1/parker/roms/output/Cdia2005_[avg,dia,his] (avg & dia are 1:8760, and his goes to 8761)
  • These are on boiler (/data1 is mounted as /boildat1 on fjord).
Exactly like C2005, but with diagnostics and averages turned on. Total size about 5 TB!


Parker MacCready 10/31/2016