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Atmospheric Forcing

The atmospheric forcing for our realistic ROMS simulations come from the MM5 and WRF model results from Cliff Mass' group at UW Atmospheric Sciences

sample fields from processed atm fields

Here is an example of the downward shortwave radiation field on a day in 2008, with overlain 10m wind vectors. This has been interpolated to a stretched, plaid spherical grid of 4 to 12 km resolution and the domain shown. The panel on the right shows a time series of swdown at the location of the yellow dot. This is from the "five-day" extraction, and so is a little jumpy.

As of 9/27/2011 we have processed atm fields suitable for forcing a ROMS run that go from mid-2001 through the end of 2009. These are from MM5 until April 2008, when they switch to WRF. There was extensive pre-processing involved here. The final files, and a README, are accessible from fjord in


Parker MacCready 01/23/2017