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Coastal & Estuarine Modeling Research Group

Sarah Giddings

Sarah Gidding is a postdoc working on the PNWTOX project. She received her PhD at Stanford, working on the Snohomish River. Sarah was recently honored for "Outstanding Contribution to Manuscript Review" for Estuaries and Coasts.

Jamie Shutta

Jamie Shutta is a grad student working on understanding the mechanical energy balance in estuarine and coastal regions. She did her undergrad at University of South Carolina.

Neil Banas

Neil Banas is a former postdoc and current colleague. He received his PhD working with Barb Hickey (UW) on Willapa Bay. He was the ecosystem modeler for the RISE project. He is now at UW/JISAO.


Samantha Siedlecki is a JISAO postdoc working on modeling the biogeochemistry of hypoxia and ocean acidification.


Kristen Davis is a postdoc working with Neil Banas on the PNWTOX project.

Sally Warner

Sally Warner is former grad student who did her research on form drag in tidal flow past a headland. She figured out why the drag we measured at Three Tree Point (TTP) is so much greater than one would expect from simple theory (like flow past a bluff body with an order-one drag coefficient). She has done field work at TTP as part of our "PPOD" NSF project with Moum, Nash and Skyllingstad (OSU) to directly measure the bottom pressure signal there. She completed her PhD in the summer of 2012. Winner of the Best Grad Student Talk at the 2011 CERF Meeting! Sally is currently a postdoc at OSU working with Jim Moum and Jonathan Nash.

Dave S

Dave Sutherland is a former postdoc. He completed his PhD at WHOI working with Bob Pickart on buoyant coastal circulation off Greenland. As a postdoc here he was the lead modeler for our Puget Sound - NE Pacific modeling project, MoSSea. Dave then moved on to do more integrative modeling at NOAA's NWFSC. Now he is beginning his first faculty job at University of Oregon in Eugene.

Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin is a former grad student. He finished his PhD in summer 2008. He has spent his grad career sorting out some of the mysteries of tidal and subtidal flow in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Ryan McCabeRyan with a Drifter

Ryan McCabe is a former grad student. He received his PhD at the end of 2007. He did his Master's with MacCready, making intensive drifter observations of the tidal headland eddy behind Three Tree Point. He did his PhD co-advised by MacCready and Barb Hickey, working on the RISE project. Ryan was then a postdoc in Australia at UNSW working with Jason Middleton. He is now back at UW as a postdoc with Barbara Hickey. Now he is back at UW doing a postdoc with Barb on the PNWTOX project.

Yonggang Liu

Yonggang Liu is a former postdoc. He received his PhD with Bob Weisberg at USF, and has returned there. He was the powerhouse behind the model development and validation on the RISE project.