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Python Notes

I needed the Windows Azure Python SDK...
Find it by searching for Azure at []
download azure-0.8.0 and put it anywhere (e.g. in the Applications folder on my mac)
then go to that folder and at the linux command line execute: python install
then in python "import azure" should work
To tab a block of text, select it and press TAB. Use SHIFT+TAB to un-indent a block
To comment or uncomment a block CMD+/
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  1. McKinney (2013) Python for Data Analysis. O'Reilly, 452 pp. This is my favorite book so far. It has chapters on NumPy and Matplotlib. Also, he is the guy who created Pandas, a surprisingly useful module for messy data jobs like working with spreadsheets. The Appendix on Python Language Essentials is also a great reference for python itself.
  2. Donaldson (2009) Visual QuickStart Guide, Python, 2nd Edition. Peachpit Press. A reasonable place to start reading your way into python.