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Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Shared Teaching Schedule

The graduate programs at UW in Applied Math, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography share the teaching of two first year courses in fluid dynamics. To help us all remember what happened or is supposed to happen in the future we keep a list on this website.

Beginning with the 2010-2011 Academic Year the plan has the following rotation schedule. The purpose is to ensure that no department teaches both classes in a given academic year.

Academic Year

Intro to Fluid Dynamics (Fall Term)
AMath-AtmSci 505/Ocn 511


GFD 1 (Winter Term)
AtmSci 509/Ocn 512

2015-2016 (Ocn)   (AtmSci)  
2014-2015 (AtmSci)   (Ocn)  
2013-2014 (Amath)   (AtmSci)  
2012-2013 Eriksen (Ocn)   Durran (AtmSci)  
2011-2012 Bretherton (AtmSci)   MacCready (Ocn) Ocn
2010-2011 Bretherton (AMath) - Rhines (Ocn) Ocn
2009-2010 MacCready (Ocn) Ocn Battisti (AtmSci) -
2008-2009 Durran (AtmSci) AtmSci Rhines (Ocn) Ocn
2007-2008 MacCready (Ocn) AMath Frierson (AtmSci) AtmSci
2006-2007 Durran (AtmSci) Ocn Bretherton (AtmSci) Ocn
2005-2006 Bretherton (AMath) AtmSci MacCready (Ocn) AtmSci
2003-2004     Rhines (Ocn) AtmSci

NOTE: Starting in 2010 TA support basically stopped. This is not good for the class, and is a wasted opportunity for our grad students.

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