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Dave Sutherland (UW): Dave is the lead modeler on this project and is a postdoctoral research associate at UW. He finished his PhD in 2008 at WHOI working with Bob Pickart on coastal circulation features off southeast Greenland.

Parker MacCready (UW): Parker is the main PI on the circulation modeling aspect of PRISM and has years of experience studying (and modeling) the PNW coastal region. Recently, he has focused on the Columbia River, andhas taught classes on Puget Sound Oceanography and a more general coastal dynamics class at Friday Harbor, WA (FHL).

Neil Banas (APL/UW): Neil is a scientist at the APL and is the lead ecosystem modeler for this project.

PRISM, led by Jeff Richey (UW): Jeff is the main PI for the PRISM project and is a chemical oceanographer at UW.

Collaborations and Data Sources

Many diverse groups have collected data in the Puget Sound and coastal PNW region, and we benefit from their efforts. See the links page for more details...



last updated February 15, 2011