Parker MacCready, UW Physical Oceanography

Bio Physical Interactions

  • OCN 539C, 1 Credit, SLN 8963

  • Wednesdays 1:30-2:20, MSB 123

  • Danny Grunbaum

  • Parker MacCready

In this informal seminar we will be reading a paper or two each week, and then meeting to discuss them, sometimes coordinating with the speaker from the School of Oceanography departmental seminar.

The purpose of this class is to foster connections between physical and biological oceanographers.  There are many scales at which our disciplines overlap, and increasingly we are involved in interdisciplinary research projects.  This class will focus on small-scale, mechanistic interactions between biology and fluid flow.  The reason for starting here is that we hope it will provide a strong foundation for future research on larger systemic questions (such as carbon cycling in coastal regions).  Examples of topics we plan to explore are:

SYLLABUS (DRAFT, subject to change):

On days marked with a (**) the paper author will be giving the School of Oceanography Departmental Seminar at 3:30 after our class.  We will try to arrange for them to be available during or after class to discuss their research with us.